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2024 Fundraise

Go Eve and DockChain have made great progress over the last couple of years. Further growth beckons.

If you're interested in learning about our 2024 raise (professional investors only) with a view to joining in, then please get in touch with the team through the form below. The image below links to a site with all the relevant documents....but you'll need to be given access to it.

Once in, you'll have all our plans in the palm of your hand. And you'll understand why Go Eve is the best ROI investment you can make in 2024.

Register your interest on the form below (form opens in a new page) and we'll get in touch.

Note, access to the investor portal requires a Google account for secure sign in. (it's a lot easier to manage than MS account sign in)

If you don't have a Google account one then you can make one with your existing email address in about 2 minutes. There's zero impact on your existing email account. You just get a Google account for that email address.


Again, it's a Google account that you need. That could be an existing gmail account, or an existing Google account, or you can make a new Google account in about 2 minutes using your existing corporate email address and without impacting your existing corporate email in any way.
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