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Fist Pound


We're Go Eve

At Go Eve we're passionate about electric cars and the benefits they bring us all. We believe that by applying our thinking we can make it easier and quicker for people to drive electric vehicles.

We're a bunch of people from all over, with backgrounds in technology, energy, engineering, mobility, customer service, academia, and everything associated with cars. 

With our partnerships and part ownership by Imperial College London and University College Dublin, we're commercializing their innovations in the EV charging space. The patent-pending technology and its spin-off innovations can make the EV transition faster, easier, and more affordable. We can do this and reduce the environmental burden of EVs once we get there.

And in the meantime, while we love working on EVs, we all cycle.

Get a bike!



Our Mission

Accelerate the transition to EVs by making the experience better today than we did yesterday.

We're a team drawn from the technology, automotive, energy and mobility sectors.


We are hiring

As Go Eve launches and grows we're looking for bright and enthusiastic designers, developers, electrical engineers, and operations specialists wanting to make a mark on the electric car and charging world.

Get in touch or send your CV over, we read every one.

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