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EVs are also good for the air near you

Apart from the impact on global climate, moving to electric vehicles also has a significant benefit for urban air quality. London is one European example where air quality has been improved with the low emissions zone. And cities like Delhi suffer terribly with bad air, and fossil fueled cars are a significant contributory factor. But even in smaller cities like Dublin, the impact of fossil fueled vehicles on air quality can be seen. Google recently published air quality measurements for Dublin, at a very fine granularity and for several pollutants. In Dublin's case it looks as if it's diesel that's causing the major problem. Those particulates and NOX levels are BAD, while the CO2 and CO levels aren't really scary at all. NOX and PM2.5 come from diesel engines. The pattern seems to indicate mostly trucks and buses.

Just as well DockChain works on buses too! And SUVs. And HGVs that don't do big highway miles. But take a look at the air quality. And understand that the move to EVs has many benefits.


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