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Charging point maps

Find public charging points around the UK based upon their power output, ideal for seeing places for rapid top-ups versus long stays.

The circle size on the map represents the power of the charger at a location. Color is the operator. We've put the map into a little mobile and web app so that you can get directions on your phone too, if you need to.


Just use the map below, or pop the map out into its own windowNote that the map here in the page doesn't have a "Near me" nor a "Get Diretions" function because of the way Google Maps works. But click and open the map in a new window to get everything! 

We're always looking at ways to make it easier to understand where all the charging points so we made this map too - it's still an experiment. 
BP's network is blue. Shell is yellow, Ubitricity is green. It's an ongoing effort to present this information so ping us with any suggestions. This map doesn't always work on a mobile phone so you might want to pop the map out into its own window.

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