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Functional testing continues

We've been back at the industrial unit testing the DockChain this week. We've recently added some extra safety features so it's been another hands-on session playing with the electrics. We ran the full system again, this time using the SAP OCPP server and our own back end software.

It was hot again, with England declaring an official heatwave, so we were sweating again. We had our own charger too, courtesy of a ferry trip by Hugh and Ammar. Very pretty (the Irish sea, not the charger).

Thanks again to the folks at Recol who are putting us up, and putting up with us. Parking the VW test car between the lathes and the parts store in the factory was a bit inconvenient to them but it was the best access point for the 3-phase power.

VW ID3. Nice car. The jury is out on the battleship grey colour.

However, we built our first connector box and ran the whole DockChain system through its paces. We measured resistances and temperatures and voltages. We checked switching functions. We learnt some new networking tricks of the trade. Most of all, DockChain is working perfectly. The safety systems work. And we even realized another unique advantage DockChain has compared to normal DC charging. If you're thinking of buying a DC solution get in touch to find out what that is... 'Cos without DockChain it makes DC charging even more of a pain in the neck'.

What's left to do? Lights, waterproofing, action. More to follow...


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