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Electric vehicle charging disruptor Go Eve secures US patent

  • Go Eve’s patented DockChain technology promises lower-cost and easy-to-install rapid charging

  • Go Eve readying to enter US market in Q1 2024

  • Huge enthusiasm generated at Detroit and Austin trade shows

Go Eve, the Anglo-Irish electric vehicle (EV) charging disruptor, has successfully secured a pivotal US patent for its ground-breaking ‘DockChain’ technology. This development marks a significant milestone as the company prepares to make its strategic entry into the US market in early 2024.

The patented solution enables an existing EV charger to transition from serving a single vehicle and space to connecting with multiple vehicles. The patent encompasses various typologies and charging techniques, including both slow AC and rapid DC charging. Notably, it also extends to future applications such as wireless and bi-directional charging.

John Goodbody, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Go Eve, emphasizes, “US patent approval for DockChain positions Go Eve for significant growth. Proprietary rights over DockChain will be crucial as we collaborate with other industry players.”

“DockChain complements existing charger manufacturers, providing a solution to extend their DC chargers. With this key patent and expected US electrical certification completion next quarter, we’re poised for an impactful entry in Q1 2024.”

Earlier this year, Go Eve secured £3m in its first funding round, bringing their valuation to £12.6m. The commercialisation potential of this technology attracted several major investors to the funding round, including:

  • Independent multi-family office Pearl Family Office

  • Property and technology investor Carter Gem

  • Transportation innovation investor Automotive Ventures Inc

  • Sustainable engineering investor Kero Group

  • Cur8 Capital, the specialist ethical investor for the Muslim investment community

Addressing a critical challenge within the industry, DockChain tackles the issue of access and availability of EV charge points. This is achieved through an extendable daisy chain of terminals deployed in each parking bay. A sophisticated software protocol facilitates the sequential connection of each vehicle to the power source charger and manages priorities in a virtual queue.

Go Eve will initially introduce its technology by applying it to rapid DC chargers. The goal is to ensure that the cost is comparable to, or even outperforms, slower AC alternatives, especially when implemented on a large scale. The compact size of

the terminal in each parking bay, coupled with its easy installation and removal, enhances DockChain's attractiveness. Additionally, the modular extensibility further contributes to the appeal of the solution.

DockChain – Overcoming Charging Challenges

Go Eve’s DockChain technology can be transformative for the EV sector, bringing unparalleled scalability to rapid-charging. Current EV chargers usually provide one to two charging “guns” - limiting the number of EVs that can access it. This current limitation means EVs must be physically moved on and off chargers - and charging spaces – constantly. Blocked and under-utilized chargers are frustrating for EV drivers and inefficient for fleets and site operators.

DockChain overcomes these traditional constraints by extending the reach of a source charger to multiple vehicles via a daisy chain of low-cost terminals. Software is then used to manage the charging sequence, passing each vehicle onto the rapid charger in whichever order is determined. E.g. first come first served, raising the lowest batteries first, using a booking system, etc.

The key advantages of DockChain’s charging system are:

· Universal Fast Charging: Multiple parking spaces can connect to a rapid charger through the daisy chain of terminals.

· Enhanced Utilization, Minimized Frustration: Chargers get increased utilization, and their blocking, or the operational movement of EVs around them, is eliminated.

· Installation Flexibility: The modular system utilizes existing DC chargers without sacrificing parking space, providing newfound flexibility and scalability.

· Cost-Effective Solution: DockChain’s efficient cable layout makes rapid charging cost-competitive with slower AC chargers at scale, enhancing accessibility.

· Optimized Grid Capacity: Scaled DC charging solutions enable the efficient deployment of significant power, even in sparsely occupied car parks. This minimizes the average power load required when additional vehicles arrive.

· Smart Software Management: DockChain’s patented software customizes the queue of connected EVs, offering full control over the sequential charging process and ensuring vehicles do not enter sleep mode prematurely.

· Scaled Vehicle-to-Grid: Enables every car in a parking lot to be connected to a fast DC cable, potentially sending significant power back to the grid, site, or other vehicles.

An Ideal Solution for EV Fleet Operators And Destination Car Parks

Go Eve’s DockChain offers an optimal solution for large fleet operators, reducing investment costs significantly and increasing charging and operational efficiency. The system eliminates wasted time manoeuvring cars on and off fast chargers, cuts down the number of expensive chargers needed, and reduces the physical footprint of charging equipment.

Go Eve's software and virtual queue enables charging scheduling based on operational needs, or local electric prices, ensuring cutting-edge cost efficiency for fleet operators. It's interoperable with various chargers, fleet and building management systems, requiring no IT revisions.

John Goodbody notes, “DockChain is ideal for large fleets and destination car parks – anywhere where there’s a bit of vehicle dwell time and the benefit of being able to fast charge in any space.”

High-Profile US Exhibitions Generate Enthusiasm:

Go Eve has garnered significant interest at prominent exhibitions in September, including Plug N’ Play at the Detroit Auto Show and Move Austin in Texas. These high-profile exhibitions have brought Go Eve’s DockChain to the attention of a vast array of potential US-based partners, including:

  • Engineers, distributors, and consultants specialising in the installation of EV charging infrastructure.

  • Fleet operators such as car rental groups, OEMs, car dealers and other operators whose large stock of EVs makes them a perfect fit for DockChain.

  • Condo and apartment building operators who want a scalable solution for their properties and tenants.

  • Public transport operators migrating their fleets to EVs and looking to reduce the cost of doing so.

  • Transportation and infrastructure investors increasingly familiar with Go Eve’s enormous growth potential.

John Goodbody states, “Showcasing DockChain’s potential in Detroit and Austin has been phenomenal. Industry leaders recognize the impact we’re poised to make and want to incorporate DockChain to their electrification strategy. Go Eve is eager to forge relationships with partners who share our vision of scaling and advancing the EV charging ecosystem.”


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