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Go Eve partner with Imperial College London and University College Dublin to commercialise DockChain

Go Eve are pleased to announce that we've signed an agreement with University College Dublin and Imperial College London to commercialise their DockChain technology.

DockChain is a patent-pending technology for charging Electric Vehicles at scale. Originally invented by University College Dublin it is now being developed further at Imperial College London. Go Eve will continue to develop the technology into a commercial product, working with the universities and offering it to customers globally.

The DockChain innovation allows multiple parking spaces to be ‘electrified’ from one base power source with a daisy chain of inexpensive and simple charging points. The technology can significantly reduce the cost involved with charging large numbers of EVs. It also removes the operational inconvenience of moving vehicles around chargers, or where rapid vehicle turnaround is required.

The agreement not only covers the DockChain technology, it will also see the Universities support the business more widely in their EV technology, commercialisation developments and sees them taking a stake in the company.

John and Hugh, based out of London and Dublin respectively, will continue close collaboration with the development teams at each campus.


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