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​We're a wonderfully diverse team, with backgrounds in technology, energy, engineering, mobility, customer service, academia, marketing, and everything associated with cars. 

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Our Story

Hugh & John were working on an EV startup when they were introduced to DockChain via the technology commercialization team at University College Dublin.

The inventors had moved to roles at Imperial College London and met up with John & Hugh, who discussed potential opportunities in the high-powered charging context.  A partnership was born which has resulted in part ownership of Go Eve by Imperial College London and University College Dublin.

Since late 2021 we've been commercializing the DockChain innovation, meeting customers, appointing manufacturing partners, and finding installers. Our first high-powered prototype system is built and we will be running pilots with our first pre-production units in 2022.  2023 will see the supply of DockChain systems in volume.

DockChain's patent-pending technology and its spin-off innovations can make the EV transition faster, easier, and more affordable. We can do this and reduce the environmental burden of EVs once we get there. We see exciting times ahead for Go Eve.

And in the meantime, while the team loves working on EVs, we all love to cycle. Get a bike!

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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Join Us

We are hiring


As Go Eve launches DockChain in 2023 we're looking for bright and enthusiastic designers, developers, electrical engineers, marketeers, and operations specialists wanting to make a mark on the electric car and charging world.

Get in touch or send your CV over, we read every one.

All humans welcome.

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